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Super excited to have a write up about my new book in my college alumnae club's newsletter: "Alumnae News Pamm S. Edwards, AC '04 and a former member of the Peninsula Smith Club, has just published her first book, "Life Repair Toolkit." She describes the book as "not just talk; real tools...for getting to the core of what is limiting you so you can heal your emotions; communication skills; relationships; life." We asked Pamm to tell us about the book and how she came to write it. She answered, "It was during my years at Smith that this whole process started. While I was at Smith, I saw more clearly that I had a lot of things I wasn't happy with in my life that I needed to address. My problem though seemed to be a common one: How? I began exploring different tools and methods for getting answers and finding lasting results. After 15 years of trial and error, I finally found what consistently worked. I could see lasting positive changes to my behaviors, thought processing patterns, and life. I wrote this book as the culmination of all the different tools I found successful over the years. A great deal of my own background and interests contributed to shaping it as well." In working on it, she researched "the most current scientific and other supporting information possible for my claims and experiences. It was exciting to find new evidence, as a result, that gave me even greater insight that I could then include in the book." When asked how Smith and her Smith education contributed to the book, Pamm said, "I'm not sure how to explain how large an influence Smith was. Every class I took, from traditional Kantian and Socratic philosophy to Buddhist philosophy to Jewish mysticism and even art history influenced the thinking that subsequently shaped this book. My education at Smith went way beyond academics in the classroom. Smith is where I learned about myself as well. I mention Smith in the preface of the book because of the significance of its role. My education in psychology, my degree in philosophy and my passion for physics are all intimately woven throughout the material. Smith taught me how to question, do research, think for myself, and formulate my own supported opinions and ideas. Regardless of our economic, educational, religious or ethnic background, we all face the same emotional, communication and relationship issues. I'm excited about the possibility of this material really helping others find healing." We're happy to note that Pamm says, "The Peninsula Smith Club will always be my first true alumnae club." The book is available in print and e-book formats, and soon in audio book format, at, where you can learn more about it. You can "like" it on Facebook as well."

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