Author/Developer Pamm Edwards

I started out as a psychology major before going on to get my degree in philosophy from Smith College, all while cultivating a healthy love for quantum physics.

The Life Repair Toolkit combines psychology, philosophy and modern scientific discoveries into one cohesive package whose purpose is to give you real tools to change the things you're not happy with in your personal life.

The book  addresses your emotions and thoughts ; healthier ways of thinking about stress; relationship issues and overcoming blocks to getting what you ask  for. Nearly 2 decades of experience and research have gone into ensuring this book is an invaluable part of your healing and growth.


"The Life Repair Toolkit has had a profound effect on my life. It has given me the tools necessary to discover and eliminate negative patterns and establish more effective communication. This book puts the 'self' in self -help because the benefit you receive is in direct proportion to the work put in by YOU. The melding of each section with the worksheets encourages the reader to be an active participant in this fun and introspective journey. Edwards shares her vast knowledge of philosophy, psychology, and quantum physics (yes, quantum physics…don’t get scared) with easy to understand scenarios and relatable examples. If you feel like you are sleepwalking through certain parts of your life or may be 'stuck', this book may act as the perfect alarm clock." -Lisa


" I must say, the whole experience did make me think about specific areas in my past relationships that were resonance pattern driven, and areas in my current relationships where I've become conscious of the patterns.  It did help me isolate one trigger that I am currently experiencing, and notice how I am 'whitewashing' the irritation that surfaces. I'll be reacting differently next time that comes up, and communicating rather than ignoring. "                   -Ellen F.